We aim to work on the sustainability of MobileHCI 2020 as best as possible.

Some of the actions we plan for this are: 

  • TPC Meeting in which people - who are more local or are in Germany for another reason - can chose to travel to the meeting while TPC members from overseas may join remotely. We will organize the TPC meeting such remote participation becomes feasible and most beneficial the meeting participants.
  • Local transportation: Oldenburg is a small city and walking and cycling is the preferred option to get around. We will be including access to local transportation into the conference registration. The local bus system and rental bikes will be available for the conference participants.
  • For all food at the conference vegetarian will be the default option. We will strive that most of the food served will be local, seasonal and organic.
  • We will aim to minimize waste of the conference. There will be a very low amount of printable and all prints will be on 100% recycling paper. There will be no disposable dishes, all glass bottles are part of a bottle return system. Germany has also a very good separate waste collection and a high recycling rate for glass, paper and compost.
  • Topics: We welcome submissions with mobile interaction approaches supporting a more sustainable conference organization and mobile life.