Student Funding

Students interested in attending MobileHCI’18 can apply to the following funding opportunities:

  1. SIGCHI funds, for students
  2. SIGCHI Gary Marsden fund, for students from and currently based in developing countries


1. SIGCHI Student Travel Grant


The SIGCHI Student Travel Grant (SSTG) program is intended to enable students who lack other funding opportunities to attend SIGCHI sponsored or co-sponsored conferences. This travel grant is intended to support students whose intention is to *present* at a SIGCHI sponsored conference, not just attend. The goal — not fully achieved in the program’s first year — is to pre-approve students for grants *before* a conference’s earliest submission deadline, so that *if* a student gets a submission *accepted*, that student can count on having a grant awarded for travel to the conference.

SIGCHI recognizes that presenting research at our conferences is an important aspect of a student’s professional, educational and research development. Further, student involvement in our conferences is fundamental to our development as a research community. This travel grant provides a mechanism to allow more students with a demonstrated financial need to attend our conferences.

Students are expected to apply for a SSTG for a particular conference. The application process is designed so that applications are due at least 6 weeks before the conference’s earliest submission date, and so that grants will normally be awarded at least one month before the conference’s earliest submission date. Thus, for MobileHCI 2018 the deadline 1st Nov 2017.


The SIGCHI Student Travel Grant program provides needs based financial assistance to students who hope to present at selected SIGCHI sponsored or co-sponsored conferences. Each award consists of an honorarium of up to $1,800 USD to partially cover conference registration and travel expenses including airfare (economy flights only), accommodation, subsistence, and other expenses necessary for attending the conference. Note: A change from 2016 is that complimentary registration is no longer provided as part of the grant – instead, the maximum size of the grant has been increased.


The grant is for students who hope to present their work at a SIGCHI (sponsored or co-sponsored) conference. The work in question may have other co-authors, and the co-authors need not be students; it is mandatory that the student be involved in presenting the work. The presentation must take place in a venue that is “public” — i.e. one that any conference attendee can go to such as papers, notes, demos or posters. Submissions to restricted venues, such as workshops or doctoral consortia (e.g., whose attendance is restricted to accepted authors), does not qualify. Other eligibility requirements are that the applicant is a student and a SIGCHI member at the time of application, and that the student cannot attend without the funding provided by the SSTG grant (as attested to by a letter from the student’s advisor). Applicants must not apply for another SIGCHI travel grant (including SSTG) while an SSTG application is being considered. An applicant is eligible to receive only one SSTG ever.

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2. The Gary Marsden fund


In recognition of Gary Marsden’s contributions and inspiration in HCI4D, ACM SIGCHI establishes Gary Marsden Student Development Fund. The purpose is to support growth of HCI in developing worlds by sponsoring SIGCHI student members who are postgraduate students from and currently based in developing countries to attend HCI relevant conferences or SIGCHI (co)sponsored summer/winter schools.


Any SIGCHI student member who is a postgraduate student (Masters or PhD degree) from and currently based in developing countries, who has received an invitation to attend from the chair of a HCI relevant conference or a SIGCHI (co)sponsored summer/winter school, can apply for the fund. An event may provide such an invitation based on accepted contributions, accepted as doctoral consortium student, volunteering of any kind (such as student volunteer) for the conference or attendance of the summer/winter school. The list of countries from which students are eligible to apply is available here at


The applicant needs to submit the application to the committee chair at with the following seven documents in PDF format:

  1. A letter of statement by the applicant explaining the nature of the participation including the role the applicant will take in the event as well as why and how it is helpful for his/her career in HCI.
  2. A copy of the document showing that the applicant is currently an SIGCHI student member.
  3. The email message from the event organizers showing acceptance of the applicant’s participation in the form of publication, doctoral consortium submission, or as a student volunteer etc.
  4. The URL of the event website and the contact details of the event organizers.
  5. A copy of the Student ID card of the applicant.
  6. A supporting letter from a faculty member at the university where the applicant currently has the student status.
  7. A statement of the requested funding amount and a brief justification of the funding needs, as well as any fund obtained from other sources for this purpose.

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