Call for Industrial Perspectives

The industrial perspectives track invites submissions about HCI practice based on real-world and practical experiences.

Industrial perspectives submissions can illustrate, explore, report, analyze, summarize, challenge, or simply describe HCI work carried out to address a practical or industry-focused problem that is related to mobile technology and/or interaction. The topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Research focused on mobile user experience, discussing impact and lessons learned
  • Research on mobile systems, discussing impact and lessons learned
  • Position papers outlining examples of successful industry and academic collaborations
  • Learnings from deployments of mobile systems at scale
  • Applications, critiques, or the evolution of method, process, or tools used in industry work
  • Research prototyping, tools or white papers
  • Insights or experience gained in transitioning research from academic to industry or commercialization
  • Ethical considerations in industry-led mobile HCI research: balancing between innovation and ethical responsibility
  • Other practical issues associated with using mobile HCI technologies in industry education, training, collaborative efforts, or knowledge sharing
  • Research and/or application of mobile technologies to explore the conference theme "Connecting Cultures"

The industrial perspectives track differs from archival research papers in that this industry focused work does not need to represent completed or novel work. The industrial perspectives track submissions are semi-archival publications, and can be republished as appropriate. These submissions might not have extensive literature (related work) included, or they might not contribute to HCI theory, but instead present practical involvement within the mobile HCI community.

Industrial perspectives submissions do not exclude the involvement of the academic community, but rather, highlight the important work of collaboration across industry and academia. We welcome academic collaborators, but all work must have at least one primary author affiliated with industry.

Important Dates - Industrial Perspectives

*All deadlines are AoE
Submission of Materials June 3, 2024
Notifications June 21, 2024
Camera-ready July 26, 2024

Submission Platform

Industrial perspectives should be uploaded and submitted to the PCS Submission System. The submission must consist at minimum of a paper, but can also include supplementary material. We strongly encourage including a video as supplementary material.

Preparing and Submitting Industrial Perspectives Abstracts

  1. Extended Abstract: The primary submission material consists of an extended abstract in the ACM Master Article Submission Templates (4-6 pages, single-column, excluding references). The abstract should describe the industrial perspective, focusing on the lessons and contributions you want readers to take away from the presentation. The paper must stand alone; readers must be able to understand the work with only this material.
  2. Pictorial: We recognize that the work of the industrial perspectives track also emphasizes design and artifacts associated with the design process. Submissions may also submit a pictorial, papers in which the visual components (e.g., diagrams, sketches, illustrations, renderings, photographs, annotated photographs, and collages) play a major role in conveying ideas and research contributions in addition to the accompanying text.
  3. Supplementary material: You may augment your abstract submission with additional material. Typical supporting materials include videos, documents (e.g., pictures beyond those included in the paper or the pictorial) or interactive media (e.g., interactive prototypes). If supplementary materials are submitted, you should also include a list of the supplementary items. This should explain the nature and purpose of each item submitted. The list is not part of the paper.

Authors are strongly encouraged to work on improving the accessibility of their submissions, using recommendations found in the Guide to an Accessible Submission. Please also refer to the accessibility guidelines for video submissions for more information on how to prepare your video.

Additional resources:

For any questions or concerns about submissions, please contact the Industrial Perspectives Chairs at

Industrial Perspectives Chairs

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