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Conference Schedule

Please note this is a tentative schedule – slight changes and additions to the program may take place as we near the conference dates.
However, authors and presenters of full papers (paper sessions) are advised that their scheduling is fixed and will not change.

Late-Breaking Work and Demo authors are expected to be near their posters/demos during the morning break and in the dedicated poster & demo session (Thursday 28th 16:30-17.30). During these times, remote LBW/Demo presenters should also connect to the remote participation platforms (Zoom, Discord) and be available for Q&A.

To support your conference experience, the program can also be found on the SIGCHI online app (desktop and mobile).

Room Assignments

  • Workshops and Tutorials: Conference Hall, Meeting Room and Auditorium (1st Floor)
  • Chairs' Welcome, Papers, Keynotes, Industry Perspectives, Sponsor Perspectives, Doctoral Consortium, Poster & Demo Madness, Awards & Closing: Auditorium (1st Floor)
  • Posters and Demos Dedicated Session: 1st Floor Peristyle
  • Posters and Demos: 1st Floor Peristyle
  • Town Hall: 1st Floor Peristyle
  • Welcome Reception: 2nd Floor Peristyle
  • Coffee Breaks: 1st Floor Peristyle
  • Lunch Breaks: Faliriotissa Restaurant
  • Planetarium Show: EEF Planetarium (2nd Floor, entrance from Ground Floor)
  • Conference Dinner: Royal Olympic Hotel

Thanks to our co-location with the ACM CHIGreece2023 conference, the the poster and demo space (1st Floor Peristyle) will be shared between the two conferences on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th September. Participants will have the opportunity to visit and interact with posters and demos from CHIGreece2023 authors, in addition to those from MobileHCI'23, without requirement for additional registration.

Kindly note that while the Doctoral Consortium is primarily aimed at the presenting doctoral students, all interested participants are welcome and invited to join the session.

Overall Conference Schedule

Tuesday 26 Wednesday 27 Thursday 28 Friday 29
08:00-08:30 Registration Registration Registration Registration
09:00-09:30 Workshops / Tutorials Chairs' Welcome Keynote - Cosmin Munteanu
Fabio Paternò (CNR-ISTI)
Keynote - Maria Roussou
Chair: Julie Williamson (University of Glasgow)
09:30-10:00 Keynote - Steve Benford
Chair: Stefan Schneegaß (Universität Duisburg-Essen)
10:00-10:30 Industry Perspectives
Chair: Dimitrios Spathis (Nokia Bell Labs)
Sponsor Perspectives
Chair: Radu-Daniel Vatavu (University of Suceava)
10:30-11:00 Poster / Demo Madness Session
Chair: Ioannis Chatzigiannakis (Università La Sapienza)
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break (+ Poster / Demos) Coffee Break (+ Poster / Demos) Coffee Break (+ Poster / Demos)
11:30-12:00 Workshops / Tutorials Session 1 - Blending Realities
Chair: Ioannis Giannopoulos (TU Wien)
Session 4 - Touch, Gesture, Voice
Chair: Mark Dunlop (University Of Strathclyde)
Session 6 - Crafting Seamless Experiences
Chair: Evropi Stefanidi (University Of Bremen)
13:30-14:00 Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break
14:30-15:00 Workshops / Tutorials Session 2 - Navigating the Future
Chair: Joel Lanir (University of Haifa)
Session 5 - Measuring Success
Chair: Luigi De Russis (Politecnico di Torino)
Awards & Closing Ceremony
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
16:30-17:00 Workshops / Tutorials Session 3 - Empathy in Design
Chair: Christina Schneegass (Tu Delft)


Chair: Fabio Paternò (CNR-ISTI), Nikos Avouris (University of Patras), Florian "Floyd" Müller (Monash University)
Dedicated Poster & Demos session
17:30-18:00 Town Hall
18:30-19:00 Planetarium Show
20:00 Welcome Reception Conference Dinner

Workshops & Tutorials Schedule (Tuesday 26th)

Conference Hall Meeting Room Auditorium
08:00-09:00 Registration Registration Registration
09:00-11:00 (W) Mobility and Utility in Robot Mediated Interaction: An Interactive Workshop for the Identification of Use Cases and Affordances of Telepresence Robots (W) The Future of Cognitive Personal Informatics (W) Workshop on Advances of Mobile and Wearable Biometrics
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
11:30-13:30 (W) Mobility and Utility in Robot Mediated Interaction: An Interactive Workshop for the Identification of Use Cases and Affordances of Telepresence Robots (W) The Future of Cognitive Personal Informatics (W) Workshop on Advances of Mobile and Wearable Biometrics
13:30-14:30 Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break
14:30-16:00 (W) Mobile and Multimodal HCI Design Approaches in Museums for People with Impairments (W) The Future of Cognitive Personal Informatics (T) Smartphone based on-device computing for societal applications.
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
16:30-19:30 (W) Mobile and Multimodal HCI Design Approaches in Museums for People with Impairments (W) The Future of Cognitive Personal Informatics (T) Smartphone based on-device computing for societal applications.
Accepted Contributions for presentation at MobileHCI'23

Papers Session Schedule

Session 1 - Blending Realities - Wed 27th, 11.30-13.30
  • SensCon: Embedding Physiological Sensing into Virtual Reality Controllers.
  • Francesco Chiossi, Thomas Kosch, Luca Menghini, Steeven Villa, Sven Mayer

  • A Mobile Augmented Reality App for Creating, Controlling, Recommending Automations in Smart Homes.
  • Andrea Mattioli, Fabio Paternò

  • Drawing Connections: Designing Situated Links for Immersive Maps.
  • Zeinab Ghaemi, Barrett Ens, Ulrich Engelke, Bernhard Jenny

  • User-Aware Rendering: Merging the Strengths of Device- and User-Perspective Rendering in Handheld AR.
  • Sebastian Hueber, Johannes Wilhelm, René Schäfer, Simon Voelker, Jan Borchers

  • BeeAR: Augmented Reality Beeline Navigation for Spatial Knowledge Acquisition.
  • Bartosz Mazurkiewicz, Marcelo de Lima Galvão, Ioannis Giannopoulos

  • An Asymmetric Multiplayer Learning Environment for Room-Scale Virtual Reality and a Handheld Device.
  • Michael Holly, Sebastian Resch, Johanna Pirker

  • A First Exploration on the Use of Head-Mounted Augmented Reality in the Context of the Portuguese Military.
  • Carlos Gomes, Tiago Guedes, Augusto Esteves

  • [Remote] PAWS: Personalized Arm and Wrist Movements With Sensitivity Mappings for Controller-Free Locomotion in Virtual Reality.
  • Sohan Chowdhury, William Delamare, Pourang Irani, Khalad Hasan

Session 2 - Navigating the Future - Wed 27th, 14.30-16.00
  • Please, Go Ahead! Fostering Prosocial Driving with Sympathy-Eliciting Automated Vehicle External Displays.
  • Hatice Şahin İppoliti, Nina Trilck, Marion Koelle, Susanne Boll

  • Designing for Collaborative Non-Driving Related Activities in Future Cars: Fairness and Team Performance.
  • Melanie Berger, Debargha Dey, Bahareh Barati, Bastian Pfleging, Regina Bernhaupt

  • Reality Anchors: Bringing Cues from Reality to Increase Acceptance of Immersive Technologies in Transit.
  • Laura Bajorunaite, Stephen Anthony Brewster, Julie R. Williamson.

  • DrivingVibe: Enhancing VR Driving Experience using Inertia-based Vibrotactile Feedback around the Head.
  • Neng-Hao Yu, Shih-Yu Ma, Cong Min Lin, Chia-An Fan, Luca E. Taglialatela, Tsai-Yuan Huang, Carolyn Yu, Yun-Ting Cheng, Ya Chi Liao, Mike Y. Chen

  • [Remote] My Eyes Speak: Improving Perceived Sociability of Autonomous Vehicles in Shared Spaces Through Emotional Robotic Eyes.
  • Yiyuan Wang, Senuri Wijenayake, Marius Hoggenmüller, Luke Hespanhol, Stewart Worrall, Martin Tomitsch

Session 3 - Empathy in Design - Wed 27th, 16.30-18.00
  • A Mixed-Method Exploration into the Mobile Phone Rabbit Hole.
  • Nađa Terzimehić, Florian Bemmann, Miriam Halsner, Sven Mayer

  • VR-Hiking: Physical Exertion Benefits Mindfulness and Positive Emotions in Virtual Reality.
  • Luke Haliburton, Benedikt Pirker, Paolo Holinski, Albrecht Schmidt, Paweł W. Woźniak, Matthias Hoppe

  • The Loop and How to Break It: Investigating Infinite Scrolling Behaviour in Social Media Applications and Reasons to Stop.
  • Jan Ole Rixen, Luca-Maxim, Michael Glöckler, Mark Colley, Marius-Lukas Ziegenbein, Anna Schlothauer, Enrico Rukzio, Jan Gugenheimer

  • Tap to Sign: Towards using American Sign Language for text entry on smartphones
  • Saad Hassan, Abraham Glasser, Max Shengelia, Thad Starner, Sean Forbes, Nathan Qualls, Sam S. Sepah

  • [Remote] Senior Technology Learning Preferences Model for Mobile.
  • Hasti Sharifi, Debaleena Chattopadhyay

  • [Remote] ViGather: Inclusive Virtual Conferencing with a Joint Experience Across Traditional Screen Devices and Mixed Reality Headsets.
  • Huajian Qiu, Paul Streli, Tiffany Luong, Christoph Gebhardt, Christian Holz

Session 4 - Touch, Gesture, Voice - Thu 28th, 11.30-13.30
  • Studying the visual representation of microgestures.
  • Vincent Lambert, Adrien Chaffangeon, Alix Goguey, Sylvain Malacria, Laurence Nigay

  • Frappé: An Ultra Lightweight Mobile UI Framework for Rapid API-based Prototyping and Environmental Deployment.
  • Adil Rahman, Seongkook Heo

  • Exploring Visual Signifier Characteristics to Improve the Perception of Affordances of In-Place Touch Inputs.
  • Eva Mackamul, Géry Casiez, Sylvain Malacria

  • Single-tap Latency Reduction with Single- or Double- tap Prediction.
  • Naoto Nishida, Kaori Ikematsu, Junichi Sato, Shota Yamanaka, Kota Tsubouchi

  • UnifiedSense: Enabling Without-Device Gesture Interactions Using Over-the-shoulder Training Between Redundant Wearable Sensors.
  • Md Aashikur Rahman Azim, Adil Rahman, Seongkook Heo

  • Imperfect Surrogate Users: Understanding Performance Implications of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems through Bounded Rationality, Human Error, and Interruption Modeling.
  • Boyin Yang, Per Ola Kristensson

  • [Remote] RingVKB: A Ring-Shaped Virtual Keyboard Using Low-Cost IMU.
  • Zhenjiang Li, Xinglin Zhang, Chenshu Wu

  • [Remote] GeShort: One-Handed Mobile Text Editing and Formatting with Gestural Shortcuts and a Floating Clipboard.
  • Gulnar Rakhmetulla, Yuan Ren, Ahmed Sabbir Arif

Session 5 - Measuring Success - Thu 28th, 14.30-16.00
  • Exploring Digital Communication Needs of Local Communities and Self-organized Collectives.
  • Katerina El Raheb, Vasilis Vlachokyriakos, Maria Roussou, Patrick Olivier, Tom Bartindale, Andrew Garbett

  • Adapting Visual Complexity Based on Electrodermal Activity Improves Performance in Virtual Reality.
  • Francesco Chiossi, Yagiz Turgut, Robin Welsch, Sven Mayer

  • An empirical comparison of Moderated and Unmoderated Gesture Elicitation Studies on soft surfaces and objects for smart home control.
  • Michael Chamunorwa, Mikołaj P. Woźniak, Susanna Kraemer, Heiko Müller, Susanne Boll

  • Co-Designing with Users the Explanations for a Proactive Auto-Response Messaging Agent.
  • Pranut Jain, Rosta Farzan, Adam J. Lee

  • Beyond Hiding and Revealing: Exploring Effects of Visibility and Form of Interaction on the Witness Experience.
  • Alarith Uhde, Tim zum Hoff, Marc Hassenzahl

  • [Remote] A Minimalistic Approach to Predict and Understand the Relation of App Usage with Students’ Academic Performance.
  • Md. Sabbir Ahmed, Rahat Jahangir Rony, Mohammad Abdul Hadi, Ekram Hossain, Nova Ahmed

Session 6 - Crafting Seamless Experiences - Fri 29th, 11.30-13.30
  • Typing Behavior is About More than Speed: Users' Strategies for Choosing Word Suggestions Despite Slower Typing Rates.
  • Florian Lehmann, Itto Kornecki, Daniel Buschek, Anna Maria Feit

  • [Don't] Let The Bodies HIIT The Floor: Fostering Body Awareness in Fast-Paced Physical Activity Using Body-Worn Sensors.
  • Bettina Eska, Marco Philip, Paweł W. Woźniak, Albrecht Schmidt, Jakob Karolus

  • Don’t Forget to Disinfect: Understanding Technology-Supported Hand Disinfection Stations.
  • Jonas Keppel, Marvin Strauss, Sarah Faltaous, Jonathan Liebers, Roman Heger, Uwe Gruenefeld, Stefan Schneegass

  • SyncLabeling: A Synchronized Audio Segmentation Interface for Mobile Devices.
  • Yi Tang, Chia-Ming Chang, Xi Yang, Takeo Igarashi

  • Exploring Opportunities for Multimodality and Multiple Devices in Food Journaling.
  • Lucas M. Silva, Elizabeth Ankrah, Yuqi Huai, Daniel A. Epstein

  • [Remote] Scanning or Simply Unengaged in Reading? Opportune Moments for Pushed News Notifications and Their Relationship with Smartphone Users’ Choice of News-reading Modes.
  • Chen-Chin Lin, Chia-Chen Wu, Ping-Ju Huang, Yu-Hsin Lai, Yi-Ting Ho, Chih-Chi Chung, Yung-Ju Chang

  • [Remote] NaCanva: Exploring and Enabling the Nature-Inspired Creativity for Children.
  • Zihan Yan, Yanhong Wu, Danli Luo, Chao Zhang, Qihang Jin, Wei Chen, Yingcai Wu, Xiang 'Anthony' Chen, Guanyun Wang, Haipeng Mi

  • [Remote] VPRNet: Voxel-based Efficient and Partial-to-Partial Point Cloud Registration on Mobile Devices.
  • Zihao Yin, Chen Qiu, Zhiwen Yu, Bin Guo

Late Breaking Work

  • Attentive Notifications: Minimizing Distractions of Mobile Notifications Through Gaze Tracking
  • Sebastian Hueber, Eunae Jang, Jan Borchers

  • Decoding Emotional Valence from Wearables: Can Our Data Reveal Our True Feelings?
  • Michal K. Grzeszczyk, Anna Lisowska, Arkadiusz Sitek, Aneta Lisowska

  • DianTea: Designing and Evaluating an Immersive Virtual Reality Game to Enhance Youth Tea Culture Learning
  • Jiajia Li, Zixia Zheng, Yaqing Chai, Hongning Shi, Shizhen Su, Xiemin Wei, Xiangyang Xin

  • Ethical Awareness of UXers in the Loop & Ethical Issues in the Uxer-AI Collaboration Process from a UX Perspective
  • Harin Yoon, Soojin Jun

  • Exploring Real-Time Collaborative Heart Rate Displays for Cycling Partners
  • Maedeh Agharazidermani, Lincoln Lu, Kristy Elizabeth Boyer

  • Gesture and Speech Interaction in a Game Tackling Gender Stereotypes
  • Dimitra Anastasiou

  • Heterogeneous User Responses to Privacy Risks in Mobile Apps: Understanding the Dualistic Role of Privacy Risk Perceptions
  • Hichang Cho

  • "I Can Feel What I Used": A Diary Study of Smartwatch Features and Emotional Experiences
  • Frensen Salim, Sunjun Kim

  • Nudging Users Towards Conscious Social Media Use
  • Alberto Monge Roffarello, Luigi De Russis

  • Predicting Users' Attention Breakpoints During Mobile Text Entry
  • Ioulia Simou, Andreas Komninos

  • RoboType: Realistic Mobile Text Entry Evaluations with Synthetic Users
  • Andreas Komninos

  • The State of Algorithmic Fairness in Mobile Human-Computer Interaction
  • Sofia Yfantidou, Marios Constantinides, Dimitris Spathis, Athena Vakali, Daniele Quercia, Fahim Kawsar

  • They know that it works because we are looking for ourselves” – LGBTQ+ TikTok Users’ Perceptions and Experiences of Queerbaiting
  • Nicolaas B Moolenijzer, Kristin Dew

  • V-ir-Net: A Novel Neural Network for Pupil and Corneal Reflection Detection trained on Simulated Light Distributions
  • Virmarie Maquiling, Sean Anthony Byrne, Marcus Nyström, Enkelejda Kasneci, Diederick C. Niehorster

  • [Remote] CrowdFi: A Communication Efficient Multi-device Wi-Fi Sensing System
  • Shoujie Lei, Zhuo Sun, Zhiwen Yu, Zhu Wang, Bin Guo

  • [Remote] EmoFlow: Visualizing Emotional Changes in Video Chat - Preliminary Study
  • Daun Kim, Ji Yeon Oh, Jae-Yeop Jeong, Jin-Woo Jeong

  • [Remote] How to Notify Team Members during Asynchronous Remote Collaboration supported by Mixed Reality: Comparing Visual, Audio and Tactile Notifications
  • Bernardo Marques, Carlos Ferreira, Samuel Silva, Paulo Dias, Beatriz Sousa Santos

  • [Remote] Integrating Real-Time Health Status into Everyday Objects: A Design Case Study on Enhancing Diabetic Health Monitoring with Artistic Creations
  • Hamideh Hosseini Toudeshky, Marta Kersten-Oertel

  • [Remote] Investigating the User Experience and Challenges of Food Delivery Applications for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Adit Nair, Roshan Mathew, Zihao Mei, Rezylle Milallos, Pratheep Kumar Chelladurai, Tae Oh

  • [Remote] Preferred Reading Formats for Mobile Devices: Results from Readability Studies
  • Tianyuan Cai, Aleena Gertrudes Niklaus, Bernard Kerr, Michael Kraley, Zoya Bylinskii

  • [Remote] Towards Efficient Interaction for Personal Health Data Queries on Smartwatches
  • Bradley Rey, Charles-Olivier Dufresne-Camaro, Pourang Irani

  • [Remote] Understanding Stress in Children with ASD and Their Caregivers in Daily Life: A Feasibility Study Using Mobile Devices
  • Zhiwei Yu, Mingma Tendu Sherpa, Suzannah Iadarola, Kenneth Shamlian, Samantha Daley, Grace Levine, Peter Bajorski, Zhi Zheng

  • [Remote] Understanding the AI-intervened User Interfaces of Online Health Consultation Platforms
  • Lanyun Zhang, Jiani Zhan, Jingyi Yang, Verena Wai Wan Kwok


  • FaceWard: Face Anonymization in Group Photos
  • Sena Kilinç, Manasvi Ponaka, Luis A. Leiva

  • INTERACT: An authoring tool that facilitates the creation of human centric interaction with 3d objects in virtual reality
  • Rama Krishnan Gopal Ramasamy Thandapani, Benjamin Capel, Antoine Lasnier, Ioannis Chatzigiannakis

  • The Magic XRoom: A Flexible VR Platform for Controlled Emotion Elicitation and Recognition
  • Seyed Muhammad Hossein Mousavi, Matteo Besenzoni, Davide Andreoletti, Achille Peternier, Silvia Giordano

  • The V-Lab VR Educational Application Framework
  • Vasilis Zafeiropoulos, George Anastassakis, Theofanis Orphanoudakis, Dimitris Kalles, Anastasios Fanariotis, Vassilis Fotopoulos

  • [Remote] AI-Augmented Feature to Edit and Design Mobile Applications
  • Ashley M Granquist, David Y.J. Kim, Evan W Patton



Industrial Perspectives

  • Designing for Diverse Populations in Mobile Research
  • Hyuniee Jung, Angie Park

  • Design Principles for AI UX Delivering User Value for Samsung Galaxy
  • Anna Ståhl, Kristina Höök, Sara Eriksson, Wonjun Lee

  • Intervention Study Design in Mobile Research
  • Yue Zhang, Yuan Hang Li

  • New Data Collection Approach to Investigate Touch Based Errors: A Case Study of Smartphone System Navigation
  • David Chen, Yuan Hang Li

Doctoral Consortium

  • Designing, Developing, and Evaluating AI-driven Text Entry Systems for Augmentative and Alternative Communication Users and Researchers
  • Boyin Yang, Per Ola Kristensson

  • Modelling human behavior during text entry
  • Ioulia Simou, Andreas Komninos

  • Representing microgestures interaction for wearable computing
  • Vincent LAMBERT

  • User-Centered Design of a Mobile Augmented Reality HMI for Virtual Stops
  • Fabian Hub, Michael Oehl, Michael Ortgiese

  • User-Centered Privacy to Improve User Quantification using Smartphone Sensing
  • Florian Bemmann

  • Using body sensors in evaluations of the impact of smart cycling technologies on cycling experience
  • Mario Boot, Baran Ulak, Karst Geurs, Paul Havinga

Sponsor Perspectives

  • Self guided audio tours: Bringing together cultural heritage, technology, and tourism
  • Clio Muse

  • Designing Experiences, Enhancing Conversion, Delight Customers
  • efood

  • Adopting Innovation Technology in Culture & Tourism to enhance Visitor Experience: Technical Challenges of deploying AR/AI Mobile Apps

  • Smart Networks and Services Empowering Business Verticals
  • π-Net