Making Accessible PDFs

To ensure equal access to readers with disabilities, we highly encourage authors to make their publications accessible. We have combined resources to help authors create accessible PDFs of their publications:

  1. Creating an accessible PDF directly from Word: The following link provides step-by- step instructions for adding basic accessibility to a Word document: Create an accessible ACM submission using Microsoft Word .

  2. Making a PDF accessible with Acrobat Pro: Acrobat tools make it easy to create accessible PDFs and check the accessibility of existing PDFs. The following link provides a simple, guided workflow for creating and verifying PDF accessibility with Acrobat Pro .

  3. Making accessible figures and graphs: Publications typically include figures and tables to support the text. To make PDFs accessible to readers, reviewers and editors who cannot see them, authors need to provide written descriptions of their figures (also known as alt-text). The following link provides a guide on how to describe figures and graphsthat will communicate your message to every audience member. Check also the Making Accessible Presentations Youtube video.

Creating Accessible Presentations

Presenters are responsible for making their presentations accessible to the diverse audience at SIGCHI conferences. We have combined resources to help presenters create accessible presentations of their research:

  1. Accessible presentation guide: In the following link, Kyle Rector provides nine guidelines for preparing a conference presentation .

  2. Accessible videos: An accessible video can be helpful to anyone at different times, but can be critical for many people with disabilities. The following link provides a checklist for creating accessible videos .

  3. Using captions and transcripts for accessibility: Captions and transcripts make the audio content in your video accessible to people who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing. The following link provides a guide on how to make your videos more accessible with captions and transcripts.

Getting help

For help, questions and general assistance about accessible submissions at MobileHCI'23, please contact our accessibility chairs (