Call for mentoring and networking event

The mentoring and networking event offers doctoral students with guidance from mentors. It will take the form of informal small group discussions where doctoral students can understand the expectations, policies, and institutional culture to develop their career goals. It also includes providing responses to whatever problems or challenges emerge from the groups for career development and thesis direction.

Students interested to participate are invited to fill the following form by August 15th August 31st. Once you receive a notification that you are selected for this event, you can then register for this in the workshop section of your registration. As the number of places is limited, only the first respondents will have a chance to participate.


Saturday October 1st, 9AM - 12AM.


In-person only, Room 320-370 at the conference centre.


Doctoral students, limited to 15-20 persons.


Mentors will be selected from the broader Mobile HCI community with diversity in expertise and years of experience in academia and industry, to provide PhD students a different perspective than the usual feedback they receive from their immediate environment.


Portrait of Jonna Hakkila

Jonna Hakkila
University of Lapland, Finland

Portrait of Gery Casiez

Gery Casiez
Université de Lille, France

Portrait of Cosmin Munteanu

Cosmin Munteanu
University of Toronto, Canada