Organizing Committee

General Chairs

Portrait of Pourang Irani

Pourang Irani
University of British Columbia, Canada

Portrait of Xiaojuan Ma

Xiaojuan Ma
HKUST, Hong Kong

Technical Program Chairs

Portrait of Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander
University of Bath, UK

Portrait of Bing-Yu Chen (Robin)

Bing-Yu Chen (Robin)
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Portrait of Petra Isenberg

Petra Isenberg
Inria, France

Registration Chairs

Visa Information for all categories of attendees.

Portrait of Yumiko Sakamoto

Yumiko Sakamoto
University of British Columbia, Canada

Portrait of Shariff AM Faleel

Shariff AM Faleel
University of British Columbia, Canada

Workshops & Tutorial Chairs

Portrait of Sowmya Somanth

Sowmya Somanth
University of Victoria, Canada

Portrait of Khalad Hasan

Khalad Hasan
The University of British Columbia, Canada

Local arrangement Chairs

Portrait of Carman Neustaedter

Carman Neustaedter
Simon Fraser University, Canada

Portrait of Jessalyn Alvina

Jessalyn Alvina
Telecom Paris, France

Mentoring and Networking Event

Portrait of Jonna Hakkila

Jonna Hakkila
University of Lapland, Finland

Portrait of Gery Casiez

Gery Casiez
Université de Lille, France

Portrait of Cosmin Munteanu

Cosmin Munteanu
University of Toronto, Canada

Poster Chairs

Portrait of Victor Cheung

Victor Cheung
Simon Fraser University, Canada

Portrait of Suranga Nanayakkara

Suranga Nanayakkara
The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Demo Chairs

Portrait of Yi-Ching Huang (Janet)

Yi-Ching Huang (Janet)
TU Eindhoven, Netherlands

Portrait of Robert Xiao

Robert Xiao
The University of British Columbia, Canada

Invited Speaker Chair

Portrait of Kasper Hornbaek

Kasper Hornbaek
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Panels Chairs

Portrait of Orit Shaer

Orit Shaer
Wellesley College, USA

Portrait of Katarzyna Wac

Katarzyna Wac
University of Geneva, Switzerland

Online Conference Delivery Chair

Portrait of Thomas Kosch

Thomas Kosch
Utrecht University, Netherlands

Portrait of Yang Zhang

Yang Zhang
University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Student Design Competition Chairs

Portrait of Marion Koelle

Marion Koelle
Saarland University, Germany

Portrait of Haojian Jin

Haojian Jin
Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Portrait of Kevin Fan

Kevin Fan
Huawei, Canada

Accessibility Chairs

Portrait of Yuhang Zhao

Yuhang Zhao
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Portrait of Huaishu Peng

Huaishu Peng
University of Maryland, College Park, USA

Diversity and Inclusion Chairs

Portrait of Sara Nabil

Sara Nabil
Queen's University, Canada

Portrait of Sayan Sarcar

Sayan Sarcar
Birmingham City University, UK

Web Chairs

Portrait of Farjana Eishita

Farjana Eishita
Idaho State University, USA

Rifat Ara Tasnim

Rifat Ara Tasnim
Idaho State University, USA

Portrait of Andrii Matviienko

Andrii Matviienko
Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany

Social Media Chairs

Portrait of Aluna Everitt

Aluna Everitt
University of Oxford, UK

Portrait of Briane Paul V. Samson

Briane Paul V. Samson
De La Salle University, Philippines

Portrait of Jaisie Sin

Jaisie Sin
University of Toronto, Canada

Student Volunteer Chairs

Portrait of Karthik Mahadevan

Karthik Mahadevan
University of Toronto, Canada

Portrait of Samantha Chan

Samantha Chan
University of Auckland, New Zealand

Sustainability Chairs

Portrait of Min Hun Lee

Min Hun Lee
Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Portrait of Sebastian Büttner

Sebastian Büttner
Clausthal University of Technology, Germany

Publicity & Publication Chair

Portrait of Rasit Eskicioglu

Rasit Eskicioglu
University of Manitoba, Canada

Assistant to General Chairs

Portrait of Bradley Rey

Bradley Rey
University of British Columbia, Canada

We Acknowledge

Portrait of Lauren Thevin

Lauren Thevin
UCO Vannes Bretagne-Sud, France

Portrait of Sujeath Pareddy

Sujeath Pareddy
Carnegie Mellon University, USA