Remote Attendance

MobileHCI 2022 is going to accommodate both physical and virtual presenters for their paper, poster, and demo sessions. The MobileHCI 2022 Conference Committee, in consultation with numerous members of the MobileHCI community and past leaderships, has decided upon the following approach to physical and virtual participation:

  1. Paper Presentations

    • Physical Presentation: All presentations will be shared via Zoom. Physical presenters will share their presentation from Zoom using a provided laptop. Virtual attendees can view the presentation via the provided Zoom link.
    • Virtual Presentation: Virtual presenters will receive the login credentials for the Zoom session, where they can log in and share their screen for their presentation.
    • If Possible, One Central Presentation Laptop: All presentations will be presented from the provided laptop regardless if it is from a physical or a virtual presenter. We will share instructions with presenters to upload the presentation slides to a Dropbox folder no later than three days before the day of the presentation. This will save valuable presentation time from switching cables and going through steps to configure the screen sharing on Zoom. Presenters can also use their own laptops if it is otherwise impossible to deliver the presentation on the provided laptop.
    • Q&A: We will facilitate Q&A in three modalities – physical Q&A with a microphone at every seat, virtual Q&A using the chat channel on Zoom, and post-presentation Q&A on Discord which will be created for each paper.
  2. Poster and Demo Sessions

    • Three sessions: We will accommodate three poster-and-demo sessions in total. Two of these sessions will be purely physical (marked as P on the program overview), while the last will be purely virtual (marked as V).
    • Physical Poster-and-Demo Presentation: During the physical session, the presenters are invited to discuss the work of the demos and posters at the venue as known from physical conferences.
    • Virtual Poster-and-Demo Presentation: During the virtual sessions, presenters are invited to join a Discord channel created for each poster and demo beforehand. Each channel will have a Zoom link with which physical and virtual presenters can remotely interact with each other and present their posters (e.g., by sharing the PDF of their poster) or demos (e.g., by showing a live demo or a video). Presenters can activate the screen sharing feature in Discord to share and present your poster and demo.
    • Attendance: Physical presenters are encouraged to attend all three sessions. Virtual presenters and attendees will only attend the virtual session.