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Full conference registration will admit you to all the core items of the programme: agenda-setting Keynotes, research papers from leading academic and industrial perspectives, late breaking results presented in a highly interactive fashion, hands on demos, panels, social events and more.

In addition, you should consider registering for the Tutorial Day and Workshops (Workshops 1, 2 and 4 are open to all registrants and organised by academic research leaders and Google – contact workshop chairs for registration code; Workshops 3 is by position paper invitation).

Registration Times
Monday 4th September Tuesday 5th September Wednesday 6th September Thursday 7th September
08:00 - 10:00
& 17:00 - 19:00
8:00 - 10:00
8:00 - 9:00
8:00 - 9:00
MobileHCI 2017 Conference Monday 4th September Tuesday 5th September Wednesday 6th September Thursday 7th September
Workshops and Doctoral Consortium Keynotes, Papers, Debate, Late Breaking Results and Demos
09:00 - 9:30

Chairs Welcome The eyes have it How does the environment measure up?
09:30 - 10:30
Workshops/DC/Tutorials Keynote 1: Exploring Social Augmentation Techniques for Mobile Training and Assistive Applications
Elisabeth André
10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break: LBR Authors Coffee Break: LBR Authors
11:00 - 12:30
Workshops/DC/Tutorials Touch me, see me, feel me Novel Interaction techniques Industrial Perspectives
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break/Session: Becoming a Volunteer at SIGCHI Events Lunch Break
13:30 - 15:00
Workshops/DC/Tutorials Beyond being mobile: from sticks to soles Learning in the wild and on the go Improving Usability through Collaboration
15:00 - 15:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
15:30 - 16:50
Workshops/DC/Tutorials Pushing, predicting or suggesting? Face, head and hand gestures Keynote 2: Designing for Low-Literate Users
Indrani Medhi Thies
Closing, Awards and Handover to Mobile HCI 2018!
17:00 - 18:00
Mobile reading and writing Special Session: Debate on Autonmous Vehicles and Mobility
18:00 - 20:00 Welcome Reception & Late Breaking Results, Demos, Posters from DC & Workshops Social Event

Room Allocation List

Main Paper Track

For the main programme 224 papers were submitted and 20% of papers were selected on the basis of the peer review process. All paper sessions will take place in the Jesuit Hall.

Paper Awarded Honourable Mention Indicates an Honourable Mention paper considered for the best paper prize.

Session is 13 minutes long indicates a shorter presentation of 13 mins; other papers are allocated an additional 5 minutes.

Session 1: Touch me, see me, feel me

Tuesday, September 5, 11:00 - 12:30

Session Chair: Jonna Hakkila

Zap++: A 20-Channel Electrical Muscle Stimulation System for Fine-Grained Wearable Force Feedback
Tim Duente, Max Pfeiffer, Michael Rohs

TapSense: Combining Self-Report Patterns and Typing Characteristics for Smartphone based Emotion Detection
Surjya Ghosh, Niloy Ganguly, Bivas Mitra, Pradipta De

An Interactive 3D Health App with Multimodal Information Representation for Frozen Shoulder: Co-Creation and Evaluation with Patients
Thomas Stutz, Michael Domhardt, Gerlinde Emsenhuber, Daniela Huber, Martin Tiefengrabner, Nicholas Matis, Simon Ginzinger

EXHI-bit: a Mechanical Structure for Prototyping EXpandable Handheld Interfaces
Michael Ortega, Jerome Maisonnasse, Laurence Nigay

Understanding Users' Perception of Simultaneous Tactile Textures Session is 13 minutes long
Yosra Rekik, Eric Vezzoli, Laurent Grisoni

Session 2: Beyond being mobile: from sticks to soles

Tuesday, September 5, 13:30 - 15:00

Session Chair: Scott Jenson

The Connected Car: An Empirical Study of Electric Cars as Mobile Digital Devices
Michael Svangren, Mikael B. Skov, Jesper Kjeldskov

Pharos: Improving Navigation Instructions on Smartwatches by Including Global Landmarks
Nina Wenig, Dirk Wenig, Steffen Ernst, Rainer Malaka, Brent Hecht, Johannes Schöning

Camera-based Mobile Electronic Travel Aids Support for Cognitive Mapping of Unknown Spaces
Limin Zeng, Markus Simros, Gerhard Weber

CapSoles: who is walking on what kind of floor?
Denys J.C. Matthies, Thijs Roumen, Arjan Kuijper, Bodo Urban

Usability of Different Types of Commercial Selfie Sticks Session is 13 minutes long
Ahmed Sabbir Arif, Sunjun Kim, Geehyuk Lee

Session 3: Pushing, predicting or suggesting?

Tuesday, September 5, 15:30 - 16:50

Session Chair: Keith Cheverest

Productive, Anxious, Lonely - 24 Hours Without Push Notifications Paper Awarded Honourable Mention
Martin Pielot, Luz Rello

Predicting Interruptibility for Manual Data Collection: A Cluster-Based User Model
Aku Visuri, Niels van Berkel, Jorge Goncalves, Chu Luo, Denzil Ferreira, Vassilis Kostakos

Too Tense for Candy Crush: Affect Influences User Engagement With Proactively Suggested Content
Kostadin Kushlev, Bruno Cardoso, Martin Pielot

Evaluating Deformable Devices with Emergent Users Session is 13 minutes long
Jennifer Pearson, Simon Robinson, Celine Coutrix, Matt Jones

Session 4: Mobile Reading and Writing

Tuesday, September 5, 17:00 - 18:00

Session Chair: Jen Pearson

Roman-txt: Forms and Functions of Roman Urdu Texting
Anas Bilal, Aimal Rextin, Ahmad Kakakhail, Mehwish Nasim

Influence of letter size on word reading performance during walking
Jessica Conradi

Transition Animations Support Orientation in Mobile Interfaces Without Increased User Effort
Jonas F. Kraft, Jörn Hurtienne

Session 5: The eyes have it

Wednesday, September 6, 09:00 - 10:30

Session Chair: Mark Dunlop

CrowdEyes: Crowdsourcing for Robust Real-World Mobile Eye Tracking
Mohammad Othman, Telmo Amaral, Roisin McNaney, Jan Smeddinck, John Vines, Patrick Olivier

Enabling Remote Deictic Communication with Mobile Devices: an Elicitation Study
Samuel Navas Medrano, Max Pfeiffer, Christian Kray

Third Wave Livestreaming: Teens' Long Form Selfie
Danielle Lottridge, Frank Bentley, Matt Wheeler, Jason Lee, Janet Cheung, Katherine Ong, Cristy Rowley

Exploring the Feasibility of Subliminal Priming on Smartphones
Charlie Pinder, Jo Vermeulen, Benjamin R Cowan, Russell Beale, Robert J Hendley

FrontFace: Facilitating Communication Between HMD Users and Outsiders Using Front-Facing-Screen HMDs Session is 13 minutes long
Liwei Chan, Kouta Minamizawa

Session 6: Novel Interaction techniques

Wednesday, September 6, 11:00 - 12:30

Session Chair: Simon Robinson

Text Entry Tap Accuracy and Exploration of Tilt Controlled Layered Interaction on Smartwatches
Mark D Dunlop, Marc Roper, Gennaro Imperatore

Investigating Current Techniques for Opposite-Hand Smartwatch Interaction Paper Awarded Honourable Mention
Frederic Kerber, Tobias Kiefer, Markus Löchtefeld, Antonio Krüger

SpeCam: Sensing Surface Color and Material with the Front-Facing Camera of a Mobile Device Paper Awarded Honourable Mention
Hui-Shyong Yeo, Juyoung Lee, Andrea Bianchi, David Harris-Birtill, Aaron Quigley

Designing a Gaze Gesture Guiding System
William Delamare, Teng Han, Pourang Irani

EarTouch: Turning the Ear into an Input Surface Session is 13 minutes long
Takashi Kikuchi, Yuta Sugiura, Katsutoshi Masai, Maki Sugimoto, Bruce H. Thomas

Session 7: Learning in the wild and on the go

Wednesday, September 6, 13:30 - 15:00

Session Chair: Lynne Baille

Language Learning On-The-Go: Opportune Moments and Design of Mobile Microlearning Sessions
Tilman Dingler, Dominik Weber, Martin Pielot, Jennifer Cooper, Chun-Cheng Chang, Niels Henze

CETA: Designing Mixed-reality Tangible Interaction to Enhance Mathematical Learning Paper Awarded Honourable Mention
Sebastian Marichal, Andrea Rosales, Fernando Gonzalez-Perilli, Ana Cristina Pires, Ewelina Bakala, Gustavo Sansone, Josep Blat

Designing a ubiquitous sensor-based platform to facilitate learning for young children in Thailand
Pruet Putjorn, Panote Siriaraya, Chee Siang Ang, Farzin Deravi

Assessing the Usability of Smartwatches for Academic Cheating during Exams
Stephanie Wong, Lillian Yang, Bernhard Riecke, Emily Cramer, Carman Neustaedter

Spatial Knowledge Acquired from Pedestrian Urban Navigation Systems Session is 13 minutes long
Sven Bertel, Thomas Dressel, Tom Kohlberg, Vanessa von Jan

Session 8: Face, head and hand gestures

Wednesday, September 6, 15:30 - 16:50

Session Chair: Aaron Quigley

Understanding the Ergonomic Constraints in Designing for Touch SurfacesPaper Awarded Honourable Mention
Sven Mayer, Perihan Gad, Katrin Wolf, Paweł Woźniak, Niels Henze

Finger Tracking: Facilitating Non-Commercial Content Production for Mobile E-Reading Applications
Carrie Demmans Epp, Cosmin Munteanu, Benett Axtell, Keerthika Ravinthiran, Yomna Aly, Elman Mansimov

Exploiting Mid-Air Gestures to Share Data Among Devices
Linda Di Geronimo, Marica Bertarini, Julia Badertscher, Maria Husmann, Moira Norrie

User-Independent Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Surface Electromyography Session is 13 minutes long
Frederic Kerber, Michael Puhl, Antonio Krџger

Session 9: How does the environment measure up?

Thursday, September 7, 09:00 - 10:30

Session Chair: Katrin Wolf

WheelieMap: An Exploratory System for Qualitative Reports of Inaccessibility in the Built Environment
Reuben Kirkham, Romeo Ebassa, Kyle Montague, Kellie Morrissey, Vasillis Vlachokyriakos, Sebastian Weise, Patrick Olivier

EnergyHome: Leveraging Housemate Dynamics to Motivate Energy Conservation
Xiying Wang, Susan Fussell

Weigh it and Share it! Crowdsourcing for Pro-Environmental Data Collection
Gianluca Schiavo, Chiara Leonardi, Mattia Pasolli, Silvia Sarti, Massimo Zancanaro

Using Nature Elements in Mobile AR for Education with Children
Ismo Alakärppä, Elisa Jaakkola, Jani Väyrynen, Jonna Hakkila

Session 10: Industrial Perspectives

Thursday, September 7, 11:00 - 12:30

Session Chair: Pawel Wozniak

User-Centered Development of a System to Support Assembly Line Workers Session is 13 minutes long
Boban Blazevski, Jean D. Hallewell Haslwanter

Understanding Mobile Phone Activities via Retrospective Review of Visualizations of Usage Data Session is 13 minutes long
Yash Bhavnani, Kerry Rodden, Laura Cuozzo, Maggie Lynn, Sara Chizari, Laura Granka

Designing for delight! Session is 13 minutes long
Iram Mirza, Joshua Tabak

Entrepreneurial & UX Mindsets: Two Perspectives - One Objective Session is 13 minutes long
Christian Sturm, Maha Aly, Birka von Schmidt, Tessa Flatten

What users want in their Mobile Phones? Localization for low Socio-Economic Emerging Market Session is 13 minutes long
Sanjay Ghosh

Session 11: Improving Usability through Collaboration

Thursday, September 7, 13:30 - 15:00

Session Chair: Kaisa Vaananen

Customizable Automatic Detection of Bad Usability Smells in Mobile Accessed Web Applications
Fabio Paternò, Antonio Giovanni Schiavone, Antonio Conti

"What can I help you with?": Infrequent users' experiences of Intelligent Personal Assistants
Benjamin R. Cowan, Nadia Pantidi, David Coyle, Kellie Morrissey, Peter Clarke, Sara Al-Shehri, David Earley, Natasha Bandeira

Better Together: Disaggregating Mobile Services for Emergent Users
Simon Robinson, Jennifer Pearson, Matt Jones, Anirudha Joshi, Shashank Ahire

No Passwords Needed: The Iterative Design of a Parent-child Authentication Mechanism
Kalpana Hundlani, Sonia Chiasson, Larry Hamid

Late Breaking Results

A Design Space for Conversational In-Vehicle Information Systems
Michael Braun, Nora Broy, Bastian Pfleging, Florian Alt

Are You Hiding It? Usage Habits of Lifelogging Camera Wearers
Marion Koelle, Wilko Heuten, Susanne Boll

Visualizing Out-of-view Objects in Head-mounted Augmented Reality
Uwe Gruenefeld, Abdallah El Ali, Wilko Heuten, Susanne Boll

Feasibility Analysis of Detecting the Finger Orientation with Depth Cameras
Sven Mayer, Michael Mayer, Niels Henze

Visual, Auditory and Haptic Navigation Feedbacks Among Older Pedestrians
Angelique Montuwy, Béatrice Cahour, Aurélie Dommes

Visualizing Spatial and Time-Oriented Data in a Second Screen Application
Kerstin Blumenstein, Christina Niederer, Markus Wagner, Wilhelm Pfersmann, Markus Seidl, Wolfgang Aigner

DroneCAST: Towards a Programming Toolkit for Airborne Multimedia Display Applications
Ragavendra Lingamaneni, Jürgen Scheible, Thomas Kubitza

Eliciting Values through Wearable Expression in Weight Loss
Nan Yang, Gerbrand van Hout, Loe Feijs, Wei Chen, Jun Hu

A Location-Based Educational Game for Understanding the Traveling Salesman Problem - A Case Study
Simone Kriglstein, Mario Brandmüller, Margit Pohl, Christine Bauer

ShakeCast: Using Handshake Detection for Automated, Setup-Free Exchange of Contact Data
Tim Weißker, Erdan Genc, Andreas Berst, Frederik Schreiber, Florian Echtler

Towards Pressure-Based Feedback for Non-Stressful Tactile Notifications
Romina Kettner, Patrick Bader, Thomas Kosch, Stefan Schneegass, Albrecht Schmidt

Simplifying the Making of Probes, Prototypes and Toolkits in Mobile Interaction Research using Tasker
Susanne Koch Stigberg

How to Look at Two-sided Photos?: Exploring Novel Perspectives on Digital Images
Florian Güldenpfennig, Roman Ganhoer, Geraldine Fitzpatrick

Creating Community Fountains by (Re-)Designing the Digital Layer of Way-finding Pillars
Katharina Katta Spiel, Katharina Werner, Oliver Hödl, Lisa Ehrenstrasser, Geraldine Fitzpatrick

Film, Interrupted: Investigating How Mobile Device Notifications Affect Immersion During Movies
Jacob Rigby, Duncan Brumby, Sandy Gould, Anna Cox

My Phone Assistant Should Know I am an Indian - Influencing Factors for Adoption of Assistive Agents
Simran Chopra, Shruthi Chivukula

Which Cloak Dresses You Best? - Comparing Location Cloaking Methods for Mobile Users
Susen Döbelt, Johann Schrammel, Manfred Tscheligi

Paper Ladder: A Rating Scale to Collect Children's Opinion in User Studies
Cristina Sylla, Ahmed Arif, Elena Márquez Segura, Eva Brooks

In search of Light: Enhancing Touristic Recommender Services with Local Weather Data
Mara Dionisio, Teresa Paulino, Trisha Suri, Nicolas Autzen, Johannes Schöning

Prototyping Sonic Interaction For Walking
Nassrin Hajinejad, Barbara Grüter, Licinio Roque

Improving Pocket Paint Usability Via Material Design Compliance And Internationalization & Localization Support On Application Level
Aiman Ayyal Awwad, Christian Schindler, Kirshan Luhana, Zulfiquar Ali, Bernadette Spieler

A Smartphone Prototype for Touch Interaction on the Whole Device Surface
Huy Viet Le, Sven Mayer, Patrick Bader, Niels Henze

Balance Trees: A New Visual Representation for Body Balance
Shruti Grover, Simon Bradley Johnson

Impact of Location-based Games on Phone Usage and Movement: A Case Study on Pokémon GO
Ionut Andone, Konrad Blaszkiewicz, Matthias Böhmer, Alexander Markowetz

MobiLearn Go: Mobile Microlearning as an Active, Location-aware Game
Sonya Cates, Daniel Barron, Patrick Ruddimann

Leveraging User-made Predictions to Help Understand Personal Behavior Patterns
Miriam Greis, Tilman Dingler, Albrecht Schmidt, Chris Schmandt

Interacting with large maps using HMDs in VR settings
Ioannis Giannopoulos, Andreas Komninos, John Garofalakis

Fam-On: Family Shared Time Tracker to Improve their Emotional Bond
GwangRae Yeom, Ga Ram Lee, Dayoung Jeong, Jeonghoon Rhee, Jundong Cho

Improving Software-Reduced Touchscreen Latency
Niels Henze, Huy Viet Le, Sven Mayer, Valentin Schwind

Slate Master: A Tangible Braille Slate Tutor for Mobile Devices
Ga Ram Lee, Luis Cavazos Quero, Jing Yang, HyunHee Jung, Jooyoung Son, Jundong Cho


Interactive Health Apps for Frozen Shoulder: Multimodal 3D Interface and Mobile AR Interface (Project Tango)
Thomas Stütz, Radomir Dinic, Michael Domhardt, Simon Ginzinger

EatAR 2.0: Portion Estimation on Mobile Devices with a Depth Sensor
Stütz, Thomas

CETA: Open, Affordable and Portable Mixed-reality Environment for Low-cost Tablets
Marichal, Sebastien, Andrea Rosales, Gustavo Sansone, Ana Cristina Pires, Ewelina Bakała, Fernando González-Perilli, Josep Blat

MyoShare: Sharing Data Among Devices via Mid-Air Gestures
linda di geronimo, Marica Bertarini, Julia Badertscher, Maria Husmann, Moira Norrie

Walking Motion Recognition System by Estimating Position and Pose of Leg Mounted Camera Device Using Visual SLAM
Katsunori Tai, Yasuyuki Kono

Investigating Current Techniques for Opposite-Hand Smartwatch Interaction
Frederic Kerber, Tobias Kiefer, Markus Löchtefeld, Antonio Krüger

Using Frame of Mind: Documenting Reminiscence Through Unstructured Digital Picture Interaction
Carrie Demmans Epp, Cosmin Munteanu, Benett Axtell, Keerthika Ravinthiran, Yomna Aly, Elman Mansimov

PeriMR - A Prototyping Tool for Head-mounted Peripheral Light Displays in Mixed Reality
Uwe Gruenefeld, Tim Stratmann, Wilko Heuten, Susanne Boll

Better Together: Disaggregating Mobile Services for Emergent Users
Simon Robinson, Jennifer Pearson, Matt Jones, Anirudha Joshi, Shashank Ahire

Tap: Back-of-Device Tap Input with Built-in Sensors
Emilio Granell, Luis A. Leiva

Manual Palletization of Inhomogeneous Boxes with the Help of Different Interfaces to Assess Specific Factors of Ergonomic Impact
Jana Jost, Thomas Kirks, Benedikt Maettig

Range-IT: Detection and Multimodal Presentation of Indoor Objects for Visually Impaired People
Limin Zeng, Gerhard Weber, Markus Simros, Peter Conradie, Jelle Saldien, Ilse Ravyse, Jan van Erp, Tina Mioch

Activity Recognition for Movement-Based Interaction in Mobile Games
Alexandre Almeida, Ana Alves

FootStriker - An assistance system for real-time running style correction using EMS
Frederik Wiehr, Florian Daiber, Felix Kosmalla, Antonio Krüger

Doctoral Consortium Papers

Towards Smart Notification Management in Multi-Device Environments
Dominik Weber

Understanding and Designing for Emerging Digital Eco-Systems: The Cases of Private and Shared Cars
Michael Kvist Svangren

Designing Mobile Deformable Controls for Creation of Digital Art
Cameron Steer

Augmenting Human Interaction Capabilities with Proximity, Natural Gestures, and Eye Gaze
Mihai Bace

A Mobile Game System for Improving the Speech Therapy Experience
Jared Duval

Mobile Context-Aware Cognitive Testing System
Sean-Ryan Smith

Crafting Collocated Interactions: Exploring Physical Representations of Personal Data
Maria Karyda


There will be an special invited debate on autonomous cars, curated by Albrecht Schmidt.

Panelists: Bastian Pfleging (Program chair of Auto-UI 2017), Manfred Tscheligi (Member of the Steering Committee of Auto-UI, former conference chair of MobileHCI and AutoUI) and Kaisa Väänänen (chair of the Steering Committee of Mobile HCI)

Discussion: Interaction in and with future cars – many questions and some answers.

When will we drive autonomously? And what new interaction challenges will arise? Is productivity while mobile in the car the next big thing? What can we learn from mobile interaction in public transport? Are the challenges overrated and do we only need our mobile devices in the car?