MobileHCI '15- Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services

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SESSION: Attention & Availability

I'll be there for you: Quantifying Attentiveness towards Mobile Messaging

Investigating Mobile Users' Ringer Mode Usage and Attentiveness and Responsiveness to Communication

Feeling Aware: Investigating the Use of a Mobile Variable-Friction Tactile Display for Awareness Information

From Ambient to Adaptation: Interpersonal Attention Management Among Young Adults

SESSION: Maps & Search

SAMMI: A Spatially-Aware Multi-Mobile Interface for Analytic Map Navigation Tasks

CozyMaps: Real-time Collaboration on a Shared Map with Multiple Displays

StripeMaps: Improving Map-based Pedestrian Navigation for Smartwatches

GraphTiles: A Visual Interface Supporting Browsing and Imprecise Mobile Search

Map Navigation Using a Wearable Mid-air Display

SESSION: Health & Support

EyeProtector: Encouraging a Healthy Viewing Distance when Using Smartphones

In Situ Design for Mental Illness: Considering the Pathology of Bipolar Disorder in mHealth Design

QuittyLink: Using Smartphones for Personal Counseling to Help People Quit Smoking

ConCap: Designing to Empower Individual Reflection on Chronic Conditions using Mobile Apps

RUFUS: Remote Supporter Feedback for Long-Distance Runners

SESSION: Text Entry

There is more to Typing than Speed: Expressive Mobile Touch Keyboards via Dynamic Font Personalisation

On-screen keyboards: does the presence of feedback or tactile landmarks improve typing performance?

Modeling Human Performance of Stroke-Based Text Entry

Typing on Glasses: Adapting Text Entry to Smart Eyewear

PalmType: Using Palms as Keyboards for Smart Glasses

SESSION: Cross-Device & UbiComp

Gluey: Developing a Head-Worn Display Interface to Unify the Interaction Experience in Distributed Display Environments

A Comparison of Methods to Move Visual Objects Between Personal Mobile Devices in Different Contexts of Use

Q-arrgh!: Commandeering Everyday Digital Codes

Proxemic-Aware Controls: Designing Remote Controls for Ubiquitous Computing Ecologies

SESSION: Exploring Gestures

MIME: Teaching Mid-Air Pose-Command Mappings

Botential: Localizing On-Body Gestures by Measuring Electrical Signatures on the Human Skin

PalmGesture: Using Palms as Gesture Interfaces for Eyes-free Input

Exploring User-Defined Back-Of-Device Gestures for Mobile Devices

SESSION: Shared Experience

Exploring Mobile Devices as Personal Public Displays

SeeSaw: I See You Saw My Video Message

Social Displays on Mobile Devices: Increasing Collocated People's Awareness of the User's Activities

Sharing (and Discussing) the Moment: The Conversations that Occur Around Shared Mobile Media

SESSION: Authentication

ColorSnakes: Using Colored Decoys to Secure Authentication in Sensitive Contexts

Why aren't Users Using Protection? Investigating the Usability of Smartphone Locking

Locked Your Phone? Buy a New One? From Tales of Fallback Authentication on Smartphones to Actual Concepts

PassApp: My App is My Password!

Graphical Passwords in the Wild: Understanding How Users Choose Pictures and Passwords in Image-based Authentication Schemes

SESSION: Navigation

LEaD: Utilizing Light Movement as Peripheral Visual Guidance for Scooter Navigation

Shoe me the Way: A Shoe-Based Tactile Interface for Eyes-Free Urban Navigation

GazeNav: Gaze-Based Pedestrian Navigation

A Pilot Study of Collaborative Accessibility: How Blind People Find an Entrance

Exploratory Navigation for Runners Through Geographic Area Classification with Crowd-Sourced Data

SESSION: Understanding Users

Don't look at me that way!: Understanding User Attitudes Towards Data Glasses Usage

Investigating Effects of Control and Ads Awareness on Android Users' Privacy Behaviors and Perceptions

Caring for Batteries: Maintaining Infrastructures and Mobile Social Contexts

Adoption factors of NFC Mobile Proximity Payments in Italy

Modeling Sharing Decision of Campus Safety Reports and Its Design Implications to Mobile Crowdsourcing for Safety

SESSION: Input Technologies

Elasticcon: Elastic Controllers for Casual Interaction

Using Electromagnetic Input for Multi-User or Two-Handed Spatial Gestural Interaction based on the Digital Compass

On the Applicability of Computer Vision based Gaze Tracking in Mobile Scenarios

Corona: Interactivity of Body Electrostatics in Mobile Scenarios Using Wearable High-Voltage Static Charger

SESSION: Applications

CommuniSense: Crowdsourcing Road Hazards in Nairobi

Exploring mobile news reading interactions for news app personalisation

Leveraging Mobile Technology to Increase the Permanent Adoption of Shelter Dogs

Leveraging Mobile Technology to Engage College Students in Scientific Research

CrowdColor: Crowdsourcing Color Perceptions Using Mobile Devices

SESSION: Measures & Methods

Engaging with Mobile Music Retrieval

From in the wild to in vivo: Video Analysis of Mobile Device Use

Understanding the Challenges of Mobile Phone Usage Data

Collect, Decompile, Extract, Stats, and Diff: Mining Design Pattern Changes in Android Apps

Boosting Mobile Experience Sampling with Social Media

SESSION: Touch Input

DisplayCover: A Tablet Keyboard with an Embedded Thin-Film Touchscreen Display

The Effects of Encumbrance and Mobility on Touch-Based Gesture Interactions for Mobile Phones

Bimanual Input for Tablet Devices with Pressure and Multi-Touch Gestures

Exploring Boundless Scroll by Extending Motor Space