Guide to Accessible Submissions

MobileHCI is strongly committed to accessibility. We encourage you to consider:

  1. Figures and Equations Accessibility: When designing figures, consider color blindness and that written information might not be available to visually impaired users. For charts, use both colors and patterns differences. For other figures, include all written information in alternative text and if possible use high contrast colors. For equations, do not use an image.
  2. Paper PDF version: Submissions will be reviewed in PDF format. The PDF should include metadata and mark-up information indicating headers, etc.

How to create an accessible PDF in Word

Microsoft Word (most versions for Windows, latest versions for MacOS) can produce accessible PDF.

  1. Use built-in styles for headings, tables and lists.
  2. Add figure descriptions (alternative text) to all figures.
  3. Mark table headers.
  4. Add the title and language of the document in File/Properties/Summary tab
  5. Save as tagged PDF.

    How to create an accessible PDF using LaTeX

    Support for producing accessible PDDFs using LaTeX is limited. We recommend to use Adobe Acrobat to generate an accessible PDF.

Additional Resources