UbiMaze: A New Genre of Virtual Reality Game Based on Mobile Devices

WatchMI: Applications of Watch Movement Input on Unmodified Smartwatches

ForceBoard: Using Force as Input Technique on Size-Limited Soft Keyboard

On-mouse Projector: Extended Workspace using a Mouse with a Projector

Collaborative Use of Mobile Devices to Curate Sources of Inspiration

Clothes Integrated Visual Markers as Self-Expression Tool

MobileVideoTiles: Video Display on Multiple Mobile Devices

PZBoard: A Prediction-based Zooming Interface for Supporting Text Entry on a Mobile Device

G3: Bootstrapping Stroke Gestures Design with Synthetic Samples and Built-in Recognizers

Affective-Ready, Contextual and Automated Usability Test for Mobile Software

mSTROKE: A Crowd-powered Mobility towards Stroke Recognition

* ScatterWatch: Subtle Notifications via Indirect Illumination Scattered in the Skin

* EmojiZoom: Emoji Entry via Large Overview Maps

* Full paper's demo