MobileHCI '15- Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services Adjunct

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SESSION: Industry Case Studies

Polly Wanna Show You: Examining Viewpoint-Conveyance Techniques for a Shoulder-Worn Telepresence System

A Case Study in Mobile-Optimized vs. Responsive Web Application Design

Mental Health App Design: A Journey From Concept to Completion


ACTUI: Using Commodity Mobile Devices to Build Active Tangible User Interfaces

Habito News: A research tool to investigate mobile news reading

QuittyLink: A Mobile Application that helps people Quit Smoking

An AR Interface to Enable Real-time Preview Design Variations in Actual Environment

A GazeWatch Prototype

MultiRep: A Platform Enabling Seamless Mobile Interaction

Thrimage: An Empathy-Oriented Discussion Tool for Classroom Use

Automated Usability Tests for Mobile Devices through Live Emotions Logging


Accessibility Devices for Mobile Interfaces Extensions: A Survey

Assessing the Relationship between Technical Affinity, Stress and Notifications on Smartphones

Dabbawala: Introducing Technology to the Dabbawalas of Mumbai

TalkingCane: Designing Interactive White Cane for Visually Impaired People's Bus Usage

Hi Grandpa!: A communication Tool Connecting Grandparents and Grandchildren Living Apart

Improving Mobile Web Search by Clustering and Visualizing Search Engine Results

Inter-Device Communication with Interactive Sharing Service

Typing Tutor: Automatic Error Detection and Instruction in Text Entry for Elderly People

Investigating Handedness in Air Signatures for Magnetic 3D Gestural User Authentication

Exploring Urban Events with Transitory Search on Mobiles

The Infinite Canvas: A Novel Presentation of Newspaper Search Results on a Tablet

Visualizing Scheduling: A Hierarchical Event-Based Approach on a Tablet

Towards Mobile Blended Interaction Fostering Critical Thinking

Using Serious Games to Improve Therapeutic Goals in Children with Special Needs

Enhancing Social Interaction with Seamless Face Recognition on Google Glass: Leveraging opportunistic multi-tasking on smart phones

From Start to Finish: Understanding Group Sharing Behavior in a Backcountry Skiing Community

What Do You Like? Early Design Explorations of Sound and Haptic Preferences

Lessons from Mobile Users: Resilience Strategies and Behaviors

Mobile Recommender Systems: Trust and Context-Awareness

Where To Go And How To Get There: Guidelines For Indoor Landmark-Based Navigation In A Museum Context

Designed with Older Adults to SupportBetter Error Correction in SmartPhone Text Entry: The MaxieKeyboard

Index Finger Zone: Study on Touchable Area Expandability Using Thumb and Index Finger

Supporting Sit-To-Stand Rehabilitation Using Smartphone Sensors and Arduino Haptic Feedback Modules

Smartphone Notifications: A Study on the Sound to Soundless Tendency

Subliminal Priming of Nonconscious Goals on Smartphones

Fun, Cool...and Awkward: Preliminary Reactions to Cooperative Photography

Implicit Engagement Detection for Interactive Museums Using Brain-Computer Interfaces

Effects of Display Sizes on a Scrolling Task using a Cylindrical Smartwatch

Investigating Pressure-based Interactions with Mobile Phones While Walking and Encumbered

Children as Participatory Designers of a New Type of Mobile Social Learning Application


Who Needs a Doctor Anymore? Risks and Promise of Mobile Health Apps


Mobile UX: Breaking the Glass to Richer User Experiences

Patents as Business Assets for the Mobile Industry

Mobile Persuasion for Health and Safety Promotion

Emerging Research in Mobile Visualization

SESSION: Doctoral Consortium

Smart Communication in Lifestyles under Transformation: Exploring Smart Mobile Devices User Experience among Youth in Hong Kong

Designing a multi-input modality architecture for universal accessibility

Designing Mobile Devices Encouraging and Supporting Collocated Interactions

Micro-Atmospheres: Exploring Portable and Wearable Solutions to Support Individual Thermal Comfort

Gamification in mobile applications usability evaluation: A New Approach

Platform for cycling data collection and service development

Content Sharing Building Social User Experiences

How Can Technology Best Disrupt Bad Health Habits?

WORKSHOP SESSION: 2nd Workshop on Designing with Older Adults: Towards a Complete Methodology

2nd Workshop on Designing with Older Adults: Towards a Complete Methodology

Time to Retire Old Methodologies? Reflecting on Conducting Usability Evaluations with Older Adults

Mobilizing Senior Citizens in Co-Design Work

Cultural probes and levels of creativity

User-centered Interaction Design of a Mobile Learning Platform for the Generation 60 +

Involvement of End Users in a Navigation Aid Design Project

Mobile Cognitive Training Games for older adults with mild cognitive impairment

WORKSHOP SESSION: From Mobile to Wearable - Using Wearable Devices to Enrich Mobile Interaction

From Mobile to Wearable: Using Wearable Devices to Enrich Mobile Interaction

Assistive Wearable Technology for Visually Impaired

Concepting Wearables for Ice-Hockey Youth

Optimizing Smartphone Micro-usage with Smartwatch Notifications

Design and Technology Challenges for Body Proximate Display Ecosystems

Anomaly Detection with Smartwatches as an Opportunity for Implicit Interaction

Brain Computer Interfaces for Mobile Interaction: Opportunities and Challenges

Palm-based Interaction with Head-mounted Displays

Wearables in the Wild: Advocating Real-Life User Studies

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop on Mobile Cognition: Using Mobile Devices to Enhance Human Cognition

Workshop on Mobile Cognition: Using Mobile Devices to Enhance Human Cognition

Mobile Being: How Inbodied & Embodied Practice May Inform Mobile Cognition

Re-Live the Moment: Visualizing run experiences to motivate future exercises

Map: making: designing a mobile application for enhancing memories' retrieval

PulseCam: Biophysically Driven Life Logging

Exploring Nonconscious Behaviour Change Interventions on Mobile Devices

Mobile Cognition: Balancing User Support and Learning

Requirement and input collection: Development of guidelines to allow people with cognitive disabilities to exploit the full potential of mobile ICT

WORKSHOP SESSION: The Role of Self-Reflection in Sustainability

The Role of Self-Reflection in Sustainability

Reflection processes in energy regulation situations assisted with reflective tools

Mobile Awareness: Design for Connectedness

Designing for Human Sustainability: The Role of Self-Reflection

Retroflection: Self-Reflection for Knowledge and Culture Sustainability

Design of Individualized Eco Labels using Social Media

The Ethical Challenges of Experience Sampling Using Wearable Cameras

What's cooking: A digital intervention to encourage sustainable food behaviour using mobile and wearable technologies

The Role of Accidental Self-Reflection in Wearable Camera Research

WORKSHOP SESSION: Smarttention, Please! Intelligent Attention Management on Mobile Devices

Smarttention, Please! Intelligent Attention Management on Mobile Devices

A Context-Aware Model for Proactive Recommender Systems in the Tourism Domain

Designing seamless displays for interaction in motion

Are our mobile phones driving us apart? Divert attention from mobile phones back to physical conversation!

A Framework for Attention-Based Implicit Interaction on Mobile Screens

Impact of Smartphone Notification Display Choice in a Typing Task

Investigating The Role of Task Engagement in Mobile Interruptibility

Boredom-Triggered Proactive Recommendations

Assessment of Notifications on Smartwatches

Towards Smart Notifications using Research in the Large

Empowering Users to Make Informed Permission Request Choices

WORKSHOP SESSION: Interactive Displays through Mobile Projection

Interactive Displays through Mobile Projection

Extending the Design Space in Industrial Manufacturing Through Mobile Projection

Medium and transition in mobile projected interfaces

WORKSHOP SESSION: Mobile Collocated Interactions With Wearables

Mobile Collocated Interactions With Wearables

Performing Interpretations of Museum Exhibits in Groups

Bonjour! Greeting Gestures for Collocated Interaction with Wearables

Collocated Social Interaction through Music: Cooperation and Collaboration

Co-located games created by children with visual impairments

Reflecting on the Study of Mobile Collocated Interactions: The Changing Face of Wearable Devices

Perceptual and Social Challenges in Body Proximate Display Ecosystems

Desktop-Gluey: Augmenting Desktop Environments with Wearable Devices

Soft, Embodied, Situated & Connected

WORKSHOP SESSION: Mobiscool: 1st Workshop on Mobile, Social and Culturally Oriented Learning

Mobiscool: 1st Workshop on Mobile, Social and Culturally Oriented Learning

Actions and advice in coli: a mobile social network to support agricultural peer learning

What Happens when Students Go Offline in Mobile Devices?

Pocket Game Jams: a Constructionist Approach at Schools

An evaluation method for location-based mobile learning based on spatio-temporal analysis of learner trajectories