MobileHCI '14- Proceedings of the 16th international conference on Human-computer interaction with mobile devices & services

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SESSION: Keynote address

Collective mobile interaction in urban spaces

SESSION: Social networks & input and interaction

Identity, identification and identifiability: the language of self-presentation on a location-based mobile dating app

Understanding localness of knowledge sharing: a study of Naver KiN 'here'

Comparing evaluation methods for encumbrance and walking on interaction with touchscreen mobile devices

Field evaluation of a camera-based mobile health system in low-resource settings

Was it worth the hassle?: ten years of mobile HCI research discussions on lab and field evaluations

SESSION: Devices and interaction design

Comparing pointing techniques for grasping hands on tablets

BoD taps: an improved back-of-device authentication technique on smartphones

Toffee: enabling ad hoc, around-device interaction with acoustic time-of-arrival correlation

BackPat: one-handed off-screen patting gestures

Around-device devices: my coffee mug is a volume dial

SESSION: Context awareness

Contextual experience sampling of mobile application micro-usage

Mobile cloud storage: a contextual experience

A wearable virtual guide for context-aware cognitive indoor navigation

Learning to recognise disruptive smartphone notifications


Exploring smartphone-based interaction with overview+detail interfaces on 3D public displays

Identifying suitable projection parameters and display configurations for mobile true-3D displays

Portallax: bringing 3D displays capabilities to handhelds

SESSION: Keynote address

Spaces of innovation in complex UX design

SESSION: E-learning

Interaction for reading comprehension in mobile devices

A long-term field study on the adoption of smartphones by children in panama

SESSION: Gesture interaction

Understanding shortcut gestures on mobile touch devices

JuxtaPinch: exploring multi-device interaction in collocated photo sharing

Are you comfortable doing that?: acceptance studies of around-device gestures in and for public settings

Monox: extensible gesture notation for mobile devices

Automating UI tests for mobile applications with formal gesture descriptions

SESSION: User-centered design

100 days of iPhone use: understanding the details of mobile device use

An in-situ study of mobile phone notifications

ProactiveTasks: the short of mobile device use sessions

User challenges and successes with mobile payment services in North America

TalkZones: section-based time support for presentations

SESSION: Input and interaction

Direct manipulation video navigation on touch screens

Enhancing KLM (keystroke-level model) to fit touch screen mobile devices

Around-body interaction: sensing & interaction techniques for proprioception-enhanced input with mobile devices

Investigating the effectiveness of peephole interaction for smartwatches in a map navigation task

ambiPad: enriching mobile digital media with ambient feedback

SESSION: Gesture & text-entry

Cuenesics: using mid-air gestures to select items on interactive public displays

AirAuth: evaluating in-air hand gestures for authentication

MirrorTouch: combining touch and mid-air gestures for public displays

Probabilistic touchscreen keyboard incorporating gaze point information

The inviscid text entry rate and its application as a grand goal for mobile text entry

Texting while walking: an evaluation of mini-qwerty text input while on-the-go

SESSION: Recommender systems and CSCW

ReviewCollage: a mobile interface for direct comparison using online reviews

Mobile interaction analysis: towards a novel concept for interaction sequence mining

FlexiGroups: binding mobile devices for collaborative interactions in medium-sized groups with device touch

Ubi-jector: an information-sharing workspace in casual places using mobile devices

CoSMiC: designing a mobile crowd-sourced collaborative application to find a missing child in situ

SESSION: Doctoral consortium

Effective multimodal feedback for around-device interfaces

Enhanced situational awareness and communication for emergency response

Email management and work-home boundaries

The effects of encumbrance on mobile interactions

Co-design of cognitive telerehabilitation technologies

Adaption of usability evaluation methods for native smartphone applications

Body-worn sensors for remote implicit communication


Urgent mobile tool for hearing impaired, language dysfunction and foreigners at emergency situation

JuxtaPinch: an application for collocated multi-device photo sharing

The realization of new virtual forest experience environment through PDA

Back-of-device authentication with bod taps and bod shapes

SqueezeDiary: using squeeze gesture as triggers of diary events

Off the couch and out of the hospital, mobile applications for acceptance and commitment therapy

Wearable haptic gaming using vibrotactile arrays

Mobile experience lab: body editing

Non-verbal communications in mobile text chat: emotion-enhanced mobile chat

POSTER SESSION: Poster Presentations

Changed shape of key: an approach to enhance the performance of the soft keyboard

Ergonomic characteristics of gestures for front- and back-of-tablets interaction with grasping hands

Towards usable and acceptable above-device interactions

A comparison of location search UI patterns on mobile devices

GUIDES: a graphical user identifier scheme using sketching for mobile web-services

MuGIS multi-user geographical information system

AudioTorch: using a smartphone as directional microphone in virtual audio spaces

Wearable remote control of a mobile device: comparing one- and two-handed interaction

Interactive opinion polls on public displays: studying privacy requirements in the wild

Toward a non-intrusive, physio- behavioral biometric for smartphones

A design framework of branded mobile applications

Keep an eye on your photos: automatic image tagging on mobile devices

Gravity: automatic location tracking system between a car and a pedestrian

Shake 'n' Tap: a gesture enhanced keyboard for older adults

Augmenting bend gestures with pressure zones on flexible displays

A systematic comparison of 3 phrase sampling methods for text entry experiments in 10 languages

Developing tactile feedback for wearable presentation: observations from using a participatory approach

"People don't bump": sharing around mobile phones in close proximity

Mobile designs to support user experiences of energy conservation in hotels

TUTORIAL SESSION: Interactive tutorials

Mobile-based tangible interaction techniques for shared displays

Wearable computing: a human-centered view of key concepts, application domains, and quality factors

Mobile health: beyond consumer apps

Speech-based interaction: myths, challenges, and opportunities

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop summaries

People, places and things: a mobile locative mapping workshop

PID-MAD 2014: second international workshop on prototyping to support the interaction designing in mobile application development

Enhancing self-reflection with wearable sensors

Socio-technical practices and work-home boundaries

Re-imagining commonly used mobile interfaces for older adults

Workshop on designing the future of mobile healthcare support

SESSION: Design competition & future innovations

NARRATIVES: geolocative cinema application

The switchboard: a virtual proprioceptive training and rehabilitation device

Time tremors: developing transmedia gaming for children

CoPerformance: a rapid prototyping platform for developing interactive artist-audience performances with mobile devices

Phonorama: mobile spatial navigation by directional stereophony

SESSION: Industrial case studies

Experimenting on the cognitive walkthrough with users

Logging an visualization of touch interactions on teach pendants

Polly: "being there" through the parrot and a guide

UX suite: a touch sensor evaluation platform

Design and field testing of a system for remote monitoring of sea turtle nests