Accepted Interactive Tutorials

Mobile Health – Beyond Consumer Apps
Date: Tuesday, September 23
Location: Studio B
Time: 9:00-12:00
Organizers: Jill Freyne, CSIRO, Sydney, Australia
Prerequisite/requirements:: None. Participants with interest in the topic are welcome, regardless of their domain or background.

The explosion in the number of applications (apps) designed for the medical and wellness sectors has been noted by many. Recently we have seen increased presence of truly medical apps, in addition to consumer health and wellbeing apps, designed for clinical professionals and patients with medical conditions.
Consumer based mHealth apps typically allow people to do old things in new ways, such as recording health measures digitally rather than on paper. We see this also with medical apps, where increases in the quality and efficiency of existing health care models provide clinical staff with digital tools that replace paper based documentation. In rare and exciting cases we are also seeing mHealth applications that are doing things in entirely new ways to drive real innovation in health care delivery through mobile devices.
The aim of the tutorial is to highlight real world, high impact mobile research that is relevant to the key discipline of Mobile HCI. Thus, the tutorial will be application rather than academically focused. The tutorial will highlight the wide range of mHealth applications available that go far beyond trackers and behavior change tools and encourage researchers to look beyond consumer applications in their research. Four key areas of mHealth applications will be covered including Apps for the HealthyWell, mHealth in Hospitals, Practice and Clinical Apps and Patient Apps and will cover applications for health assessment, treatment and triage, behavior change, chronic illness, mental health, adolescent health, rehabilitation and age care with a focus on the need for rigorous evaluation and efficacy analysis.
The interactive component of the tutorial will focus on innovation in mobile apps for health services. Groups will be given case studies, from real clinicians and hospitals gathered at CSIRO and will be required to design and pitch apps, and evaluation studies to validate their ideas.