Amahl Hazelton, Producer, Urban Spaces 2.0, Moment Factory

Mark VanderbeekenAmahl Hazelton works at the convergence of art, event entertainment, architecture, urban design and digital technology. With a Masters degree in Urban Planning from McGill University, he is interested in new kinds of urban placemaking defined as much by digital technology and experience as by physical form. Inspiring urban gatherings, the technology / city interfaces that he directs cross technical boundaries, integrating massive urban projections with smart handset based control systems. X-Agora by Moment Factory is a scalable, connected, real time media management and playback system that can integrate motion sensors, video screens, and projectors with smartphone sensors, multi media tools and data sources.

Amahl Hazelton is a producer at Moment Factory, a world leading new media and entertainment studio based in Montreal, Canada. Moment Factory specializes in the conception and production of multimedia environments combining video, lighting, architecture, sound and special effects to create remarkable experiences. Moment Factory has created urban sound and light spectacles around the world, including Barcelona, Dubai, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, Ottawa, Rome, Rotterdam, Shanghai, Vancouver, and Valencia, and stage shows for Madonna, Arcade Fire, Bon Jovi. Their fully interactive stage design for NineInchNails and Chris Milk was recognized by LiveDesign as one of the top-10 concert experiences in the history of rock music.


Mark Vanderbeeken, CEO, Experientia

Mark VanderbeekenMark Vanderbeeken is a specialist in visioning, identity development and strategic communications and has worked in Italy, Denmark, the USA and Belgium. He was communications manager of the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (Ivrea, Italy), European communications coordinator for the World Wide Fund for Nature (or WWF, Copenhagen, Denmark), marketing director of Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects (New York, USA) and chief press officer of Antwerp 93, Cultural Capital of Europe (Antwerp, Belgium). He is the author of Experientia’s successful experience design blog Putting People First.