Session Chairs: Enrico Rukzio (University of Ulm) & Johannes Schöning (Hasselt University)

Changed Shape of Key: An Approach to Enhance the Performance of the Soft Keyboard
Hsi-Jen Chen (Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany)

Ergonomic Characteristics of Gestures for Front-and Back-of-Tablets Interaction with Grasping Hands
Katrin Wolf (University of Stuttgart, Germany); Robert Schleicher (TU Berlin, Germany); Michael Rohs (LeibnitzUniversity Hannover, Germany)

Towards Usable and Acceptable Above-­Device Interactions
Euan Freeman, Stephen Brewster (University of Glasgow, UK); Vuokko Lantz (Nokia Research Center)

A Comparison of Location Search UI Patterns on Mobile Devices
Sebastian Meier, Frank Heidmann, Andreas Thom (University for Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany)

GUIDES: A Graphical User Identifier Scheme Using Sketching for Mobile Web-Services
Yusuke Matsuno, Hung-­Hsuan Huang, Yu Fang, Kyoji Kawagoe (Ritsumeikan University, Japan)

MuGIS – ­Multi‐user Geographical Information System
Sebastian Schöffel, Johannes Schwank, Achim Ebert (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany)

AudioTorch: Using a Smartphone as Directional Microphone in Virtual Audio Spaces
Florian Heller, Jan Borchers (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

Wearable Remote Control of a Mobile Device: Comparing One- and Two-Handed Interaction
Jessica Speir, Rufino Ricardo Ansara, Colin Killby, Emily Walpole, Audrey Girouard (Carleton University, Canada)

Interactive Opinion Polls on Public Displays – Studying Privacy Requirements in the Wild
Matthias Baldauf (Vienna University of Technology, Austria); Stefan Suette, Peter Fröhlich, Ulrich Lehner (FTW Telecommunications Research Center, Austria)

Toward a Non-­Intrusive, Physio-­Behavioral Biometric for Smartphones
Esther Vasiete, Yan Chen, Ian Char, Tom Yeh (University of Colorado, USA); Vishal Patel, Larry Davis, Rama Chellappa (University of Maryland College Park, USA)

A Design Framework of Branded Mobile Applications
Zhenzhen Zhao, Christine Balagué (Institut Mines-­Télécom, France)

Keep an Eye on Your Photos: Automatic Image Tagging on Mobile Devices
Nina Runge, Dirk Wenig, Rainer Malaka (University of Bremen, Germany)

Gravity: Automatic Location Tracking System between a Car and a Pedestrian
Changhoon Oh, Jeongsoo Park, Bongwon Suh (Seoul National University, Republic of Korea)

Shake ‘n’ Tap: A Gesture Enhanced Keyboard for Older Adults
Mark Dunlop, Andreas Komninos, Emma Nicol, Iain Hamiliton (University of Strathclyde, UK)

Augmenting Bend Gestures with Pressure Zones on Flexible Displays
Rufino Ricardo, Audrey Girouard (Carleton University, Canada)

A Systematic Comparison of 3 Phrase Sampling Methods for Text Entry Experiments in 10 Languages
Germán Sanchis-­Trilles, Luis A. Leiva (Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain)

Developing Tactile Feedback for Wearable Presentation: Observations from Using a Participatory Approach
Flynn Wolf, Ravi Kuber (University of Maryland, USA)

“People Don’t Bump”: Sharing Around Mobile Phones in Close Proximity
Afshan Kirmani, Rowanne Fleck (University College London, UK)

Mobile Designs to Support User Experiences of Energy Conservation in Hotels
Xiying Wang, Susan R. Fussell (Cornell University, USA)

Demonstrations and Mobile Experiences

Session Chairs: Markus Rittenbruch (Queensland University of Technology) & Jason Alexander (Lancaster University)

Urgent Mobile Tool for Hearing Impaired, Language Dysfunction and Foreigners at Emergency Situation
Naotsune Hosono (Oki Consulting Solutions Co., Ltd., Japan); Hiromitsu Inoue (Chiba Prefectural University of Health Science, Japan); Miwa Nakanishi (Keio University, Japan); Yutaka Tomita (Fujita Health University, Japan)

JuxtaPinch: An Application for Collocated Multi-Device Photo Sharing
Heidi Selmer Nielsen, Marius Pallisgaard Olsen, Mikael B. Skov, Jesper Kjeldskov (Aalborg University, Denmark)

The Realization of New Virtual Forest Experience Environment through PDA
Kana Muramatsu, Hiroki Kobayashi, Junya Okuno, Akio Fujiwara, Kazuhiko Nakamura, Kaoru Saito (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

Back-­of-Device Authentication with BoD Taps and BoD Shapes
Alejandro Catalá, Luis A. Leiva (Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain)

SqueezeDiary:Using Squeeze Gesture as Triggers of Diary Events
Ming Ki Chong, Jon Whittle (Lancaster University); Umar Rashid, Chee Siang Ang (University of Kent)

Off the Couch and Out of the Hospital: Mobile Applications for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Dora Poon, Paula Gardner, Tim Bettridge, Marjan Verstappen (OCAD University,Canada)

Wearable Haptic Gaming Using Vibrotactile Arrays
Adam Tindale, Michael Cumming, Hudson Pridham, Jessica Peter, Sara Diamond (OCAD University)

Mobile Experience Lab: Body Editing
Stephen Surlin, Paula Gardner (OCAD University)

Non-Verbal Communications in Mobile Text Chat ‐ Emotion-Enhanced Mobile Chat
Jackson Feijó Filho, Thiago Valle (Nokia Technology Institute, Brazil); Wilson Prata (PUC-­Rio; Brazil)

Comparing Evaluation Methods for Encumbrance and Walking on Interaction with Touchscreen Mobile Devices
Alexander Ng, John Williamson and Stephen Brewster (University of Glasgow)

Contextual Experience Sampling of Mobile Application Micro-Usage
Denzil Ferreira, Jorge Goncalves, Vassilis Kostakos, (University of Oulu) Louise Barkhuus, (Stockholm University), Anind K. Dey (Carnegie Mellon University)